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LGBTQ Music Chart – Week 4 – 2019

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud writes about music for LGBTQ Music Chart!

Another week with LGBTQ Music Chart and our readers has voted and this is the best playlist for Week 4 2019.

Week 4 of LGBTQ Music Chart for 2019 are out and take a look at Top 50 of most liked songs.

Number 1 this Week are Cub Sport with their song «Party Pill».

Mike Duran and late Kevin Fret with their song «Diferente» came in as a newcomer last week and climbed to place 3 of LGBTQ Music Chart for Week 4 2019 and becomes climber of the week.

Voting for Week 4 2019 has started. You can vote once a week – (per ip address).

LGBTQ Music Chart // Week 4 2019

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”r8-jZ8weFT0,kBIhqNT5gsE,K_CQrjLvDeA,-M5lgvAvH3M,HUY-CXyZF1c,EINS4G4ye7k,byUHPNWSCx4,ETmHHlT7gpk,51lde0inQYg,OS2dKkeAAzo,nNXCrKjzadM,XwXifMfQqZc,6-v1b9waHWY,-QsYn0j-7JQ,brmW88EO_cI,bLu1M6jeqqQ,DEThDIle0NM,77VSVnzU4qc,w6tNlYI3MdY,rwCnYFAEeSg,yDIVXD4WF-g,AhuVnrJqVHs,9_L9w_MZ9W0,-pK3vnO9VMI,S7Pjz_hxadg,pF4r2wc3NqY,OgMacucSICY,6O60_1nKXiY,wE-PiUdtttQ,CpCHQBXLNbE,9_Ydmd9Zn_0,3I00RqZy_RM,3FBS6bwnlKY,diCQsAG9cFw,8J1lagNEywo,Sc97AUImI04,u3K6_89Ee4U,grmh5GjEsik,7Z8G2BEJUHM,e2HndMCa2-k,8fU5RZy0RJo,W5kM5wAwRug,lCOaI9BgDCQ,MJFmKQ5N6XQ,A9hcJgtnm6Q,hlznpxNGFGQ,mtJ-OTFhnuI,jaeeiWuXUoo,IPXIgEAGe4U,t1CVpvrdm9g” ]

LGBTQ Music Chart // left the chart

These artist left the LGBTQ Music Chart this week.

Yuzima // Black Supremacy
Ariana Grande // Thank U, Next
Rick Astley // Try
Smashby // Someone
Sam Bluer // «Bite My Tongue»

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