Saturday, September 30, 2023

EuroPride anthem from 2014 kicks off our new pride playlist

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
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Back in 2014, Hector Lopez said «No human-being should be able to prohibit others' love», who sang the official EuroPride 2014 anthem called «Love».

EuroPride is Europe´s biggest Gay Pride Festival. In 2014 it was hosted by Oslo, Norway in the pride month June. In 2014 Hector Lopez debuted as an artist when he entered the EuroPride stage with his dancers, and it was more than likely to get his big breakthrough in the Nordics.

«The EuroPride song is titled ´Love´ and is about how it feels to love someone. I want to show that people’s feelings are the true and equal, regardless what sexual orientation they have», said Lopez back in the 2014.

Yesterday, LGBTQ Music Chart launched our new playlist on Spotify – it’s called «LGBTQ Music Chart – Pride» and Hector Lopez’s «Love» was the first song added and we will add more pride anthem’s during pride month.

Hector Lopez – «Love»

Hector Lopez – Playlist

LGBTQ Music Chart – Pride – Playlist

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