Darin – One of Sweden’s biggest Pop Stars – comes out as gay


Darin told Instagram yesterday that he is gay.

The Swedish artist Darin, wrote on Instagram :

Everyone in the world should be able to be proud and accepted for who they are. I know how difficult it can be. Took me a while, but I am proud to be gay. Happy pride!

Last weekend Stockholm celebrated their online pride, hosted by Stockholm Pride.

Head over to Instagram and show him some LGBTQ love.

You can find one of Darin’s English hits «Nobody Knows», below.

Darin – «Nobody Knows»

«Ta mig tillbaka», or Take me back – is a song about his childhood and growing up in Sweden.

Darin – «Ta mig tillbaka»

Looking forward to see Darin’s music on the LGBTQ Music Chart.

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