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African gay Pop Rock Star releases new single in September

African gay Pop Rock artist defies all odds to release a single challenging injustice in his home country, Botswana.

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Jessye DeSilva and their «Drifter»

Gay MusicJessye DeSilva and their «Drifter»

Americana singer-songwriter Jessye DeSilva (they/them/theirs) has released their new single «Drifter». We'd love to work with LGBTQ Music Chart for a feature of any kind.

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The track is a vulnerable look into Jessye‘s experience as an artist, a non-binary person, and simply a human being attempting to figure out life.

Jessye’s biggest musical influences are Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, and Tori Amos – and it shows! Just ten seconds into the song and you can hear the true craft of the music.

Paired with a captivating piano melody, the lyrics to «Drifter» are nothing short of the deepest, most fragile thoughts of the artist’s experience navigating life. «36 and I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up», sings DeSilva. «All these fears got me staring down ghosts in a coffee cup».

While the words remain extremely personal to DeSilva’s world, listeners can relate to the honesty and uncertainty portrayed in the lyrics and through the singer’s voice.

The «Hover» EP coming in January will feature similar songs to «Drifter» and a few that are more true to a peppier, tap-your-foot Americana style. Fans can get a taste of the EP by streaming the single on all major streaming platforms.

Jessye DeSilva’s (they/them/theirs) brand of indie folk music centres around a philosophy of radical openness and specificity in storytelling. They believe in the idea that empathy is an artist’s greatest tool in nurturing a sense of community with their listeners. Armed with a piano and a voice which is both fierce and fragile, Jessye «… evokes a chest-ripping emotion that hovers inches above the ground, pouring forth the kind of wellspring folk music rarely witnesses» (Jason Scott, B-Sides and Badlands).

Their upcoming EP «Hover» deals with the dilemma of remaining emotionally present through mental health struggles, grief, and political unrest all while showcasing Jessye’s trademark confessional lyrics and a sound which is both ethereal and firmly rooted in Americana.

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