Kevin Casey – «Shout it out»

today08/03/2021 1

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Kevin Casey

«Shout it out» is the latest instalment by Dubliner Kevin Casey. It's an upbeat song about Freedom & Equality built around a simple but catchy guitar hook, reminiscent of 90's Brit Pop, it's a relatable sentiment carried on a wall of sound.

The lyrics to the song were carefully tailored to support those of us who bear the burden of being treated differently by society because of our skin colour, sexual orientation or our religious beliefs. The song boasts that it’s ok to be different but also that it’s ok to be proud of being different.

In the song, Casey reflects on some of the events of 2020, like the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police department, an incident that shook America and was also supported by Black Lives Matter protest all over the globe.

The singer takes a swipe at some of the World Leaders such as the former President of the United States of America Donald Trump in the second verse, claiming ‘the world is broke and there ain’t no fix, those who make the rules are lunatics.

In another line of the song Casey pays homage to Ireland and the passing of the Marriage Equality act of 2015, meaning Ireland was the first state to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote.

Take a listen to Kevin Casey‘s «Shout it out» below. It has been added to my playlist, please like it , so you don’t miss out on great tunes like this one.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud