New LGBT-themed Record Label Launched In Glasgow

Queer Ear Records

This marks the first time an LGBT-focused record label has been created in Scotland.

Queer Ear Records founded by Ryan Martin in late 2020, Queer Ear’s mission statement is made clear on its website: «At Queer Ear Records, we believe that every artist deserves a place to express themselves without limitations. We aim to create a community that allows LGBT artists the chance to do so, regardless of genre».

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While the primary focus is on pop music, artists of all genres are welcome; Queer Ear’s goal is to promote diversity in all forms.

Artists who are interested in working with the label are encouraged to get in touch via the Contact Us section on the Queer Ear website.

Queer Ear Records worked in collaboration with Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Joseph Miller on the release of his new self-written and produced single, «Fade Away», which achieved over 1000 Spotify streams in its first week. «Fade Away» was released on 30 April 2021 and marked the first release by Queer Ear Records.

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