Thursday, June 30, 2022

Cherry Lena’s new single «Sad Boy»

Cherry Lena is an alternative Pop R&B singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada and the release of her new single new single «Sad Boy».

Osvaldo Supino Is Back With New Single «Gold»

The beautiful new single and video by Osvaldo Supino is an LGBTQ+ anthem «Beyond any flag colour, beyond any kind we are equal in our frailties and we are golden».

LGBTQ Music Chart – Week 26 – 2022

Another week with LGBTQ Music Chart and our readers has voted and this is the best playlist for Week 26 2022.

Billy Mick – «Interesting Shade of Blue»

Music VideoBilly Mick - «Interesting Shade of Blue»

Gay Orlando-based singer/songwriter pulls fans into an alluring spy fantasy with his latest video.

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This video hits you with a retro spy flick feel driven by the sexy vibes of his lyrics. Billy Mick is excited to announce this hot, new music video for «Interesting Shade of Blue» are out today.

Billy Mick’s lyrics for his song «Interesting Shade of Blue» carries listeners into his spy-themed fantasy. «I’ve always loved the mood of classic spy theme songs, and when I started putting the music arrangement together I was imagining this sort of sexy ‘cat and mouse’ chase», says Billy. “I was so excited to be back on set with Art Director Chad Raucci and to have my husband, Brian Villa, behind the camera again! I had a blast developing this one for sure. Then to mix in the gorgeous, Jose Perez and two longtime friends Bella Marie and Tymisha Harris? it’s just a win all around».

Having received heavy support from LGBTQ+ media, including Gaydio, The Q Review, and Watermark Online, Billy Mick continues to develop himself as an artist. He has most recently entered the arena of Producer/Director creating his sold-out one-man show, «Just B. LIVE!», his monthly variety show highlighting local Orlando entertainers, and his latest hit show «Super Gay Wednesday» celebrating diversity, love, and pride. Billy Mick promotes positivity, self- expression, and love in his music and his everyday life.

Billy Mick’s debut album, «Just B.», was released in summer of 2020. His love of life and his personal experiences fill the album with songs that are relatable, relevant, and inspirational, including his Pride anthem «Flesh and Bone». Billy released his second album, «Leveling Up», earlier this year on all streaming platforms. From feeling like a tourist in this crazy world to overcoming obstacles and levelling up in life, Billy Mick takes listeners on an energetic journey.

Billy Mick is currently working on his third album and is producing his latest Variety Show at a new location, the Stardust Lounge in Orlando, Florida. When he’s not in the recording studio or on stage, Billy enjoys time with his husband who he has been with for 20 years and their two rescue dogs, Bucky and Capone.

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