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Zava – «H.O.E»

today21/06/2022 20

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Queer electro-pop artist Zava drops his latest self-love anthem «H.O.E» and no, the title is not what you think it is.

Standing for «Heaven On Earth», «H.O.E» is the perfect dance-pop hit to start off Pride Month, with the inspiring message that love and confidence comes from within. The song is upbeat and impossible not to dance to, with a catchy earworm of a chorus as Zava croons in gorgeous false-setto, «Maybe nothing is ever what it seems, don’t know what you’ve heard but baby we just call it ‘Heaven On Earth’» .The single is accompanied by a visually stunning music video, filled with everything you could imagine for the queer dance-bop of the summer!

Directed by Elise Poehling with videographer Austin White, the video features gorgeous gender-fluid clothing and makeup, clubby strobelights, and a freaky BDSM dream sequence, ending with an epic dance number as electricity literally radiates off Zava’s body. The video was choreographed by Sydnee Bell and dancers included Mindy Moeller, Lexi Cross-Tunley, Keanu Vitug, and Topher Benjamin. So put on your most fabulous outfits and dance to this infectious summer anthem throughout Pride month and beyond!

Zava strives to empower people to live their best lives on his new single, which is all about self-love and living to one’s own truth. ZAVA wants to be a source of light in a world that’s currently filled with so much darkness. Taking a cinematic approach, Zava says, «At the dawn of the 21st century, the world is shrouded in darkness. Hate has become the weapon of the ego. Love has become a feeling of the past. Like all things in the universe, there is balance. When darkness reigns, light rises to meet it. This is a remembering that peace, joy, and love is who we are. Now is the time to awaken, to fight for the light, and to remember who we are. Are you ready?» Zava is done waiting for his moment to shine and with his new single «H.O.E», he is ready to make his impact on the world.

Zava is an electronic pop singer living in Kansas City, Missouri. With upbeat songs of empowerment, ZAVA is an active member and advocate for the queer community, and he performed on the main stage of Kansas City Pride on June 11th. He is quickly growing into internet fame on TikTok, with multiple viral videos and nearly 20,000 followers, as people latch on to his authentic message of hope and love. In a world shrouded in darkness, ZAVA pierces through like lightning. Between soaring vocals, infectious grooves, and celestial production, Zava blends all of the music that inspired him to create, what he likes to call, «Empowerment Pop» music. Through this energy, Zava hopes to inspire people to discover and cultivate their own light and power from within themselves. Our world depends on it.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud