Pinkfiz «On Your Knees»


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A true definition of fiery feminism, Pinkfiz is a 19-year-old independent alt-rock artist from Cambridgeshire.

Representing flourishing female empowerment, her anger of unjust experiences turns it into resilient rock perfection. Using her home studio, she creates euphoria with her songs, empowering others and igniting a spark amongst listeners, making them comfortable enough to scream out all their frustrations.

Her latest single «On Your Knees» offers listeners a truly remarkable realm of rockability and lavish lyrical bliss. Captivating her messages and meaningful melodies, the track is nothing short of perfection. Pinkfiz explains, «The story behind this song is about putting myself first, and instead of being the victim to people, I am giving myself the power to become their «villain». It’s basically a power trip ego song to make people feel the power in themselves and let them know that they shouldn’t let anyone limit them or change themselves for someone else».

Showcasing themes of resonating resilience and anger like no other, she exemplifies her rebellious rhythms, blaring basslines and gripping guitar riffs to create a track that exasperates her true pop-rock power. She states, «I also think most of my songs are written to empower others. The writing process is similar to therapy, I tend to dwell on a moment or moments of my life that have hurt me and use that emotion and pain and anger to turn it into a song to empower my past self that was going through that.” She hopes listers will get a courageous kick when listening, suggesting, “Whenever you need an extra confidence boost, remind yourself that those people who did you were not worth your time. It’s definitely a hype song».

With her EP The World of Pinkfiz reaching over 20,000 Spotify streams alone, and several broadcasting features on the likes of BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire, Pinkfiz is advocating her way into the alt-rock realm. Her pure passion and fire-fuelled energy are sure to ignite her career even further.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud