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Exciting adventure of a fabulous gender-fluid artist from NYC!

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Saint Ahmad is an amazing Brooklyn-based artist who brings so much joy with his music! He's a talented rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter who radiates authenticity and a strong sense of personal freedom. His sound is so unique and not confined to just one particular genre.

With a musical style that incorporates UK club, Jersey Club, pop, R&B, and throwback hip-hop, Ahmad is a versatile artist who can truly do it all. Ahmad radiates natural charisma and infectious energy, while busting out dance moves and flashing his signature big smile while commanding the spotlight. A hopeless romantic and an out-and-proud gay man, his music is confidently built around themes of personal empowerment, wild nights, love, and sex, where he explores the out-of-this-world fantasies that ruminate in his head.

Ahmad hails from the beautiful city of Tashikawahi-shi in Tokyo, Japan. He first fell in love with singing and performing while attending church, and he’s since pursued his passion with a BFA in Dance from Florida State University. Music has always been his go-to for self-expression, inspiration, and healing.

The songwriter kicked off his musical journey in 2021 with alt hip hop singles «It’s Just Me» and «Clouds», and received a lot of love from the media for his unique approach to music, avant-garde style, and outstanding choreography. Fast forward to 2023, and Saint Ahmad has blossomed into his most authentic and impressive self, crafting a musical whirlwind of boundless creativity, vibrant visuals, and empowering messages that come together to create an exciting dance experience.

Saint Ahmad’s latest single «lgc» is an absolute banger featuring the incredible NYC artist Lolita Leopard, also known as «The Leopard Lady». This invigorating club track captures the essence of fierce feminine confidence and is sure to get you moving. Inspired by decadent club nights and hedonistic after-hour parties, «lgc» is the ultimate anthem of self-love and empowerment. With a striking beat by Glasgow DJ and producer CASEMENT, this song has an energetic UK club sound and an irresistible pop hook. The high-intensity BPMs and hyperpop vocals will transport you to another world. Get ready to let go and feel the freedom of expression with this incredible track!

The amazing music video directed by Jonathan Fine perfectly captures Saint Ahmad’s extravagant and wildly captivating stage presence, while also showing a different side of the performer. He shares, «I knew that I wanted the video to take place in a club setting because that was the entire vibe of this record. The idea of being drag came because I wanted to feel outside of myself. I want to actually step into the idea of getting crazy and releasing a different part of myself». With brilliant choreography and a larger-than-life personality, Saint Ahmad has succeeded in bringing the best club night of your life onto your video screen.

His newest single «Minds» is an amazing tribute to his journey through the New York Club scene. It tells the story of how Saint Ahmad has surpassed expectations, self-doubt, and challenges by finding support among his friends in the NYC club scene. It’s an exciting, uplifting club anthem that will motivate the next generation of club kids.

Saint Ahmad is an incredibly inspiring artist, using his music to spread positivity and encourage others to live their best lives. His debut EP «Minds» is filled with amazing tracks including «lgc» ft. Lolita Leopard, «Minds», «Skin», «Power», and «Vibe».

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