Steinsdotter’s «Honeybee» Buzzes with Confident Queer Pop Energy

today06/07/2024 20

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Steinsdotter - "Honeybee" - naked yet covered - golden honey cascading over her form.

Inspired by the harmony within a beehive, «Honeybee» blends queer pop, underground pop, and alternative dance music.

A Celebration of Self-Acceptance

Trailblazing artist Steinsdotter has just released her new single, «Honeybee», a steamy, humid, and playful track that captures the essence of her unique blend of queer pop, underground pop, and alternative dance music. The single is a celebration of self-acceptance and natural power, drawing inspiration from the harmony and purpose found within a beehive.

The Inspiration Behind «Honeybee»

Steinsdotter penned the track earlier this year, inspired by an obsession with bees and honey as a nectar of healing. This fascination, coupled with a longing for summer, inspired the creation of «Honeybee». The harmony of a beehive mind captivated Steinsdotter, leading her to imagine a world where individuals accept themselves and embrace their natural power, much like the honey bee.

In the Studio

Steinsdotter brought the concept to the studio with her longtime friend and producer Agon Branza, who worked his magic on the track. They were in a particularly sassy mood that winter, envisioning summer breezes and the buzzing of worker bees, which ultimately shaped the creation of the track. Fans of artists like Sega Bodega, Lykke Li, and Tove Lo will find echoes of their styles in «Honeybee». The track masterfully blends a dark, atmospheric vibe with a hard-hitting beat, punctuated by the buzzing of the hive.

Embracing the Worker Bee Spirit

Steinsdotter strongly identifies with the worker bee and its relentless drive to work for a cause larger than itself. She believes that connection and purpose are essential to the human experience and that community, curiosity, and compassion can bring people closer together. She feels that observing nature more closely can teach valuable lessons, encouraging everyone to soften their gaze, open their hearts, and embrace playfulness this summer.

Join the Dance Floor

«I hope listeners find their best inner sassy and join me on the dance floor this summer», Steinsdotter adds. «Think naked skin and honey drizzles—it’s sticky but so tempting». 2024 has been a fruitful and eventful year for Steinsdotter, and it continues with the release of «Honeybee», ensuring that fans feel the buzz.


Written by: Jungle Telegraph