Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Denmark’s First Queer Rapper Makes a Statement Against Patriarchy

With their video «Resurrection» , non-binary artist Elijah Kashmir offers a unique perspective on growing up in a homophobic and patriarchal milieu.

The Faroe Islands make history: Here is the winner of the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2023

It will be Faroese Reiley who will represent Denmark at this year's Eurovision. The big favourite held all the way.

New Nordic collaboration aims at improving the conditions for female, non-binary and transgender producers in the music industry

The gender balance in the recording industry doesn’t look good, to say the least.

Eurovision : Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2020 without audience – COVID-19 to blame

Melodi Grand Prix will be held at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen tomorrow, Saturday, but it will be a different experience than usual. It will be completely devoid of audience because of the coronavirus.

Fjer – «Never Work»

This single - «Never Work» from danish producer/singer Fjer, was released on the 31st of May.

Sigmund looses AXGIL-nomination by Danish Rainbow Awards after racist comments

That is the direct consequence for the Danish X Factor star and the Danish Melodi Grand Prix participant Sigmund, after he posted 'racist charged' comments about refugees and immigrants in the Copenhagen neighbourhood Nørrebro.

Benjamin Rihan and his «Dizzy Talk»

23-year-old Benjamin Rihan is a Danish singer and songwriter, who has already marked himself as a promising new act on the Danish pop music scene with his catchy and dynamic pop songs.

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