Reigen - Ride

Take a «Ride» with Reigen

Brooklyn-based indie singer and songwriter Reigen has dropped the video for his latest track, «Ride».

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The music video follows a super-cute couple as they meet for a romantic late-night bicycle rendezvous.

«This track is about crushing hard on a friend, wondering if they know or feel the same, asking them silently, do you know that I’m ride or die?» Reigen explains to Billboard.

Everything Reigen touches sounds so amazingly beautiful and he does not disappoint this time either. Below you can take a listen to his «Ride», I’m sure that you will fall under Reigen’s spell – it’s a voice of an angel.

You can vote on Reigen’s «Ride» for week 42 2018 in LGBTQ Music Chart here.

Reigen // «Ride»

Reigen‘s «Ride» has been added to our official Spotify Playlist – follow it so you are not missing out on great tunes like this one.

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