Here is how you can contact LGBTQ Music chart – All sale pitches will be deleted, so it’s waste of your time to send us an email about selling us a product/service ect.

Suggest a song

How to suggest a song to be included in LGBTQ Music Chart.

If you submit your song to the LGBTQ Music Chart, you agree to do this :

  1. To share the Instagram stories we publish where we mention you. Instagram stories should be shared unedited even if your mention share the spotlight with other musicians. Of course you can add text or stickers to personalise it.
  2. Like Our Playlist on Spotify : – LGBTQ Music Chart and Outed On Friday’s and like us on Instagram.
  3. Provide Spotify username following the playlists : LGBTQ Music Chart and Outed On Friday’s (we will check when submitted and every week after the artist has benne added to the chart).

(The reason for these new rules are some artist has started to use us as some kind of free advertisement for their songs and not tell their own fans that they are on the LGBTQ Music Chart. We are here to support LGBTQ musicians, but sharing are caring both ways and we are not here to be used as free advertisement for your song. We recommend you to watch this Damian Keyes video about being added to Spotify Playlist – by following his advice you are more likely to have a successful submission to the LGBTQ Music Chart).

Please include official YouTube link to the song and link to the song on Spotify. The song needs to be officially on these two streaming platforms (without these links it will not be considered).

We only accept remixes if the original has not been on the chart. If the song has been on the chart, it can’t be reentered.

We do not accept submitting a song via our social media.

Press release

Use the email address below to send us the press release (we do not accept music suggestions to this email address) – we expect the the artist will share what we publish on all of the artists social media. More fans knows about us, more exposure the artist get and the chance for new fans to discover the artist are increased. Be submitting a press release you agree to this.

[email protected]

Suggest Music

Here you can send us, music suggestions. We do not accept press releases to this email address.

Only artist, record companies, managers and representative of the artist can submit music. Fans can’t submit music, if you are a fan we suggest you to encourage the artist to submit their music for the chart. Remember that the artist needs to share on social media and mention @lgbtqmusicchart when the song are added to Outed On Friday’s play list – the following Monday the votes starts. The artist will be mentioned on Instagram when added to the Outed On Friday’s playlist. By submitting the song you agree to the rules mention above.  Any breach of the rules – the song(s) will be removed from the chart/waiting list without any warning. 

Your email needs to include the following – (you can only have one song in our Que (waiting list to be challenger to the LGBTQ Music Chart) at the same time).

  1. Spotify link to song
  2. YouTube link to song
  3. Your Spotify username that likes LGTBQ Music Chart and Outed On Friday’s playlist.
  4. Song needs to be released in 2020.

[email protected]