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Here is how you can contact LGBTQ Music chart – All sale pitches will be deleted, so it’s waste of your time to send us an email about selling us a product/service ect.

Suggest a song

How to suggest a song to be included in LGBTQ Music Chart.

Please include official YouTube link to the song and link to the song on Spotify. The song needs to be officially on these to streaming platforms (without these links it will not be considered).

We only accept remixes if the original has not been on the chart. If the song has been on the chart, it can’t be reentered.

We do not accept submitting a song via our social media.

Press release

Use the email address below to send us the press release (we do not accept music suggestions to this email address)

[email protected]

Suggest Music

Here you can send us, music suggestions. We do not accept press releases to this email address.

[email protected]