Submit your Music

The road map to get on the LGBTQ Music Chart.

First you need to get your song on our Outed On Friday! Spotify playlist. You do that by submitting you song for a review – bare in mind that many submit and there is only 5 spots available every week. If you’re not lucky the first time, don’t stop submitting.

When you get on our Outed On Friday! Spotify playlist, then you need to share that with the world – don’t forget to mention us so we know hard you are sharing the message.

If you get more votes than the 50th song on the LGBTQ Music Chart, you’ll will get on the chart else you’ll not get on the chart.

Music need to be published on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Youtube Music.
Released in 2023. Only artist or management or record label can submit music) it. If discovered that song are not available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Youtube Music, we will remove the song from the chart and the artist will not be able to submit new music for the chart for a month (this will triple for each time this happens). 

This is the only way to submit a song to the LGBTQ Music Chart.

It’s not LGBTQ Music Chart job to promote your entry when it is added to Outed On Friday playlist or LGBTQ Music Chart playlist, that is the artist job. 

And we prioritising artists that do the promotion – remember to mention us so we and share your promotion with our followers too. 

This we expect of you

We expect that the artist share the article about their track has been added to Outed on Friday playlist – on Facebook/webpage/twitter – mention us so we can register your sharing. In addition repost reel/story about Outed on Friday, we publishes on Instagram and TikTok – it should be shared unedited (only text can be added) – this needs to be done within end of Saturday the week your song has been added on Outed on Friday playlist.

Your submission must and only include the following (from now on we do not accept direct email, form needs to be filled out each time you want to submit your a new song to the LGBTQ Music Chart:

Remember to check your email for email confirmation after you have submitted the form (check spam folder as well as inbox). You can’t reply to the email.

Submission Music

A song can only be submitted once – that includes all mixes of the song.

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok and when we mention you remember our sharing motto : Sharing are caring, if you don’t want to share it, why should we ? so please share it !

You can only submit 1 song every 28 days. Record Companies/Manager can submit up to 5 songs for 5 different artist every 30 days (one email per artist). If you have already a song submitted, that will be deleted and the new submission will take it’s place.

From 01ST January 2023, the chart will be presented on LGBTQ Music Chart radio show airing on Saturdays at 5AM (UK/Ireland time) / 18.00 (CET / EU time). The full LGBTQ Music Chart will be published on this website after the radio-show. Previously the full LGBTQ Music Chart was published on Monday prior to the radio show. 

This page was updated 05-06-2023.