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How do I get my song on the LGBTQ Music Chart ?

Music need to be published on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Youtube Music.
Released in 2022.
Only artist or management or record label can submit music) it.

This is the only way to submit a song to the LGBTQ Music Chart.

It’s not LGBTQ Music Chart job to promote your entry when it is added to Outed On Friday playlist or LGBTQ Music Chart playlist, that is the artist job. What happens if an artist note promoting the entry on their social media? Usually they are not getting enough votes to get on the chart or they just spend one week on the LGBTQ Music Chart and kicked out next week by other artist that promoted their entry. We have seen some artists, think they can just layback and do nothing and get free promoting, don’t waste this opportunity to do that.

And we prioritising artists that do the promotion – remember to mention us so we and share your promotion with our followers too. 

Your submission must and only include the following (from now on we do not accept direct email, form needs to be filled out each time you want to submit your a new song to the LGBTQ Music Chart:

Remember to check your email for email confirmation after you have submitted the form (check spam folder as well as inbox). You can’t reply to the email.

Rejected song can’t be resubmitted.

Follow us on Instagram and TikTok and when we mention you remember our sharing motto : Sharing are caring, if you don’t want to share it, why should we ? so please share it !

You can only submit 1 song every 21 days. Record Companies/Manager can submit up to 5 songs for 5 different artist every 30 days (one email per artist). 

This page was updated 01-11-2022.