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The road map to get on the LGBTQ Music Chart.

To get your song featured on our amazing Outed On Friday! Spotify/Apple Music playlist, all you have to do is submit your song for a review.

Keep in mind that we receive many submissions and can only select 5 songs each week, so there might be a bit of a wait. But don’t worry if you’re not chosen right away, keep submitting because you never know when your lucky break will come!

Only one version of a song can be submitted to the chart, so if a song has been on the chart you can’t submit another version/mix of the song to get it on the chart again. 

Music should be shared on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Youtube Music.

If we find that a song is not available on any of these platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Youtube Music), we’ll kindly remove it from the chart. Don’t worry though, artists can always submit new music again after a month (the music needs to be publish one month after violation – this will double with each violation of chart rules). Just remember, it’s important to keep your music accessible to reach more listeners!

At LGBTQ Music Chart, we love to support all artists and their amazing work! When your entry is added to our Outed On Friday or LGBTQ Music Chart playlist, we encourage you to promote it and share the news with your fans. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent and reach a wider audience. Let’s work together to spread positivity and inclusivity through music!

And we love supporting artists who promote their work! Don’t forget to mention us so that we can share your promotion with our amazing followers as well. Keep up the great work!

This is what we expect of you when you are added to Outed On Friday playlist!

This applies for everyone that has submitted music from 01 October 2023.

  1. You’ve got the link to the article about Outed On Friday – let’s spread the word across all your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, your website, Instagram, and TikTok on Saturday! (If your song was added on Friday 29 September 2023, then make sure to share it on Saturday 30 September 2023). Don’t forget to give us a shoutout on your social media so we can acknowledge your awesome sharing!
  2. If you have completed the step above, you will have the amazing opportunity to be showcased on our Instagram and TikTok! We are thrilled to highlight your song and share it with our incredible community. Rest assured, if you follow the steps in step 1 within the expected timeframe, you will definitely receive a feature. Keep up the great work!

Remember to check your email for email confirmation after you have submitted the form (check spam folder as well as inbox). You can’t reply to the email.

Submission Rules for Outed on Friday

  1. A song can only be submitted once – that includes all mixes of the song.
  2. One artist can only submit 1 song every 30 days
  3. Record Companies/Manager can submit up to 2 songs for 2 different artist every 30 days. 
  4. If you already have a song submitted, that will be deleted and the new submission will take it’s place.
  5. Requirement : Follow us on Instagram and TikTok and like our playlist on Spotify – Outed on Friday and LGBTQ Music Chart and/or Apple Music – Outed on Friday and LGBTQ Music Chart 
  6. Only artist or management or record label can submit music) it.
  7. This is the only way to submit a song to the LGBTQ Music Chart.
  8. Song can’t be longer than 4 minutes at the maximum (songs over 4 minutes will be rejected). Needs to be release in 2023 (to end of Janary 2024) / after that it needs to be released in 2024!).
  9. NOTE : You can’t reply to email sent out by our submission team! Only in cases where we have added two different songs one on Spotify and another one on Apple Music you can reach out to this Twitter account : @ephramstcloud (he will not be able to answer any questions about submission, he will just inform the submission team about this issue).

Submission Music 2024 –

You can only use this form to submit music to LGBTQ Music Chart, you can’t email directly anymore do to spam (01.01.2023).

From 01ST January 2023, the chart will be presented on LGBTQ Music Chart radio show airing on Saturdays at 5AM (UK/Ireland time) / 18.00 (CET / EU time). The full LGBTQ Music Chart will be published on this website after the radio-show. Previously the full LGBTQ Music Chart was published on Monday prior to the radio show. 

This page was updated 01-01-2024.