Submit your Music

How to Submit your song to LGBTQ Music Chart ?

How to suggest a song to be included in LGBTQ Music Chart.

  1. Follow LGBTQ Music Chart playlist and Outed On Friday Playlist on Spotify and provide Spotify username – so we can check since this is a requirement.
  2. Follow us on Instagram, since you’ll be mention in a Instagram Story, when added to the Outed On Friday Playlist and you will be mention in a post the week you are a challenger to the LGBTQ Music Chart. We expect you will repost our post and repost our story as is (text and emoji can be added). Follow us on TikTok (if you have TikTok profile).
  3. Does my song need to be in English ? We accept any language – we are for the whole LGBTQ world.
  4. You’ll only get a reply if we add your suggested song – it takes on average 14 days from you have submitted your song. You will not get a reply, if your song isn’t added to our Cue. You can only have 1 song at the time in our Cue.
  5. NEW : Always provide a 2 sentences description about you the artist – this is how we will present you to the world !
  6. Please do not submit press releases to this email address.
  7. Remember
    Does it speed up the process to submit it by email several times ? Nope.
    Does it speed up the process emailing us to ask when your song will be added  ? Nope.
    Does it speed up the process @ us on social media and ask us, no one on the music review team are managing our social media and will not see your question.
  8. Fans can’t submit music, if you are a fan we suggest you to encourage the artist to submit their music for the chart.
  9. Your email needs to include the following.
    1. Spotify link to song
    2. YouTube link to song
    3. Instagram link to your Instagram profile
    4. TikTok link to your TikTok profile (if you have one – we recommend you to make one. Reach new fans).
    5. Your Spotify username that likes LGTBQ Music Chart and Outed On Friday playlist.
    6. NEW! Remember 2 sentence that describes you as an artist ! This is how we will present you to our readers !
    7. Song needs to be released in 2021.
    8. Send us an email to [email protected]
    9. The email should only include the the things mention above if not we can reject your submission without notice, no press information or other information or no attachments. Rejected song can’t be resubmitted. 
  10. Then listen to our playlists and discovery new LGBTQ artist from all around the world.
  11. You can only submit 1 song every 14 days. Record Companies/Manager can submit up to 5 songs for 5 different artist every 14 days (one email per artist).