LGBTQ Music Chart – Voting

LGBTQ Music Chart

Voting for LGBTQ Music Chart – Week 24 2020

LGBTQ Music Chart voting starts every Monday and ends every Saturday.  The unique with LGBTQ Music Chart, we are not only for the UK, we are for every country in the world – we accept music in any language.

Click on the song title to vote – watching the video is not voting on the song. When you’ve voted all lines are greyed out. If you see rainbow colours – you haven’t voted.

You can suggest music here – remember that we get lots of suggestions every week so it’s a cue – so if a suggestion are accepted it might take a few weeks.

( more info about LGBTQ Music Chart below the voting form)

The Newcomers – Vote

To get a challenger newcomer to the LGBTQ Music Chart, the song needs to have more votes than the poorest performing song on the LGBTQ Music Chart – you’ll find it below the voting for the newcomers. These are listed in random order. Don’t forget to vote on the main chart as well.

Voting Starts Mondays!

LGBTQ Music Chart – Vote

If you want one these tunes to stay on the LGBTQ Music Chart – give your favourite tune a vote. Don’t forget to vote of the newcomer as well.

Voting Starts Mondays!

Voters rules

1. You can vote once a week ( one vote from each ip address). Once on the chart and once on the newcomers.
2. Proxy or VPN is not accepted on the voting page.

Artist submission 

1. Who will be considered to be added to the the LGBTQ Music Chart ?  LGBTQ musician or and ally/friend of the LGBTQ community.
2. It’s maximum 7 spots available each week.
3. Who can suggest a song ? Record companies and individuals can suggest new music to be added – (you can do it here – remember to choose LGBTQ Music Chart as topic). Suggesting a song is not the same as it will be added to the chart, but by suggesting it increases the chance – compared to not suggesting it.
4. The song suggested needs to be available on YouTube uploaded by the artist or record company and the song needs to be on the streaming service Spotify. The song can’t been on the chart previously by the same artist – except if the song are released few years after original release.
5. We do not accept submission via any social media.

Climber of the week – (changed from Week 24 – Number 1’s will not get this title) a song that was on the LGBTQ Music Chart previous week that climb the highest.

Newcomer of the week (Number 1’s will not get this title) – a newcomer that climb the highest on the LGBTQ Music Chart.