LGBTQ Music Chart – Voting

LGBTQ Music Chart

Week 18 2019 – we will present our newest Top 50 every week, the vote will end at 11.59 PM (UK) // 23:59 (CET) Fridays, but if your local time in your country passes 11.59 PM / 23:59 before UK time the vote for your country ends at your local time.

Voting starts every Sunday after 05.00 PM (UK) / 18.00 CET.

Click on the song title to vote – watching the video is not voting on the song. When you’ve voted all lines are greyed out. If you see rainbow colours – you haven’t voted.

Pink marked song – are The Q Review‘s recommended song.

( more info about LGBTQ Music Chart below the voting form)

Voting Starts Sunday April 21 2019!

Voters rules

1. You can vote once a week ( one vote from each ip address).

Artist submission 

1. Who will be considered to be added to the the LGBTQ Music Chart ?  LGBTQ musician or and ally/friend of the LGBTQ community.
2. It’s maximum 13 spots available each week.
3. Who can suggest a song ? Record companies and individuals can suggest new music to be added – (you can do it here – remember to choose LGBTQ Music Chart as topic). Suggesting a song is not the same as it will be added to the chart, but by suggesting it increases the chance – compared to not suggesting it.
4. The song suggested needs to be available on YouTube uploaded by the artist or record company and on a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music ect.

Climber of the week – (Number 1’s will not get this title from Week 1 2019) – One of the newcomers that climb the highest – that do not reach the number one.