Fan Favourite


You’ve been listening to LGBTQ Music Chart radio show, so you can pick your favorite song from the LGBTQ Music Chart from last show (#10 to #50 – #1 to #10 are always played) and we might pick your choice ! 

The code word are mention in the radio show. (Fan Favorite do not apply for #51 to #55 on the chart or Outed On Friday entires, since they haven’t made it in to the chart yet). 

Maximum number votes are total 10 each week and if has exceeded for this week, you will not see the form. This is not about getting the most vote, but to be suggested – coordinated fan campaign are waste of time ! So we are talking about first to the mill !

This is only for fans of an artist, so you cannot be part of the artist’s management or family members (including the chosen one) or friends of the artist or management! 

This page is not in use anymore !