The Story about us

The LGBTQ Music Chart proudly shares our exciting debut of the LGBTQ Music Chart for Week 39 2018!

Within the LGBTQ Music Chart, you’ll discover a vibrant mix of LGBTQ artists and LGBTQ friendly artists. It’s entirely in the hands of our wonderful visitors to determine who will rise to the pinnacle and seize the coveted number one position.

LGBTQ Music Chart is an incredible music chart designed specifically for the LGBTQ community and their amazing family and friends all across the globe. We warmly welcome any artist who identifies as LGBTQ or is a supportive ally of the LGBTQ community to join our chart. We happily accept songs in all languages, but kindly request that communication with LGBTQ Music Chart be in English. Keep spreading love and positivity through the power of music!

The LGBTQ Music Chart is proudly owned by, a dedicated platform that has been joyfully sharing news and uplifting the LGBTQ community since 2000!