Diego Diaz – «Chaotic Boy»

Diego Diaz

Argentine pop has a new voice: Diego Diaz, a multifaceted artist who breaks into the music scene with a unique proposal and an electronic sound of his own.

He is a singer, composer, musician and dancer. From a very young age he began to take an interest in the world of music, learning to play the piano, singing and studying the music and dance professors.

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Today, he has released his new music video and single «Chaotic Boy», the english version of his hit single «Caótico». This is Diego’s first crossover!  «Chaotic Boy» is an electro-pop theme with a video where the dance is the main character telling us about a particular love story.

Take a listen to Diego Diaz beautiful crossover tune «Chaotic Boy» below.

Diego Diaz – «Chaotic Boy»

«Chaotic Boy» was added to the LGBTQ Music Chart today as a newcomer – so you can give the song a vote here.

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