Saturday, September 30, 2023

Agustín Malandra – «Queer Powa»

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
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New single from Agustín Malandra, it's a shoutout to pride and are called «Queer Powa».

This song was recorded for the «6AM» album sessions, but didn’t fit the line of the «EDM» album, Agustín Malandra tells me.

He explains that «Queer Powa» are like the older badass brother of «Bow Down» (from «Crudo» album).

He wanted to publish this song cause of the lyrics, empowering LGBTIQ+ people, and he really loved the ethnic beat. If the video makes you a little uncomfortable, it also made its work, he adds.

Cos we should question ourselves and let our bodies shine, without taboos, he says in the end. Then he adds, there’s also a sample of Sylvia Rivera on the song that pushes song to a higher level.

Agustín Malandra’s «Queer Powa» will be added to the LGBTQ Music Chart this Sunday – you can vote on the chart here to make it get it into the chart (from Sunday July 14).

Agustín Malandra – «Queer Powa»

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