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Synes – «The Man I Am»

today21/11/2019 11

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Synes is a billboard dance chart topping artist, songwriter and producer with a focus on creating music that feels personal, yet extremely appealing and direct.

His most recent release is a single titled «The Man I Am», which also comes in with a matching music video, giving the track a perfect visual companion.

Exploring themes of self discovery, loss and pride, the song kicks off with some neat environmental sound samples, and dives deeper into a darker electronic soundscapes, with some edgy synth bass tones and vocals that make me think of artists as diverse as Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails.

One of the most outstanding qualities of this song is definitely the fact that the music is arguably so personal. Synes expresses himself from the heart, and this is a totally noticeable perk of this release, which feels honest and gripping from the moment you press the play button.

«The Man I Am» is the perfect calling card for an artist with a lot to say, and this song is definitely a great introduction to his sonic aesthetics and creative vision.

Synes – «The Man I Am»

This week «The Man I Am» are challenger and newcomer on the LGBTQ Music Chart, you can vote here.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud