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Netta – «Ricki Lake»

today21/02/2020 11

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Netta - Ricki Lake

Returns with irreverent brilliance on «Ricki Lake».

Netta drops her newest single, «Ricki Lake», continuing the Israeli artist/composer/songwriter’s exciting journey of making some of today’s most experimentally brilliant pop music. Her brash but lovable personality is front & centre on this song, which is ripe with a self-empowered spirit, a sense of humour, and an infectious beat.

After winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 with her Spotify chart-topping song «Toy», Netta has continued to turn heads with her electrifying visuals, genre-breaking quirk pop, infectious charisma, glass-shattering vocal prowess, and looping ingenuity. 2019 saw Netta on international stages and in unique situations including catwalks at leading fashion events and a stroll with Prince William during his visit to Israel. Her music and videos continue to gain popularity, notching over 600 million global streams to date.

The video for «Ricki Lake», which is a highly irreverent, junk food-laden, absurdist look at commercialism, serves as Netta’s fascinating love letter to American culture.

«I used to watch the «Ricki Lake Show» obsessively when I was a teenager, and I was fascinated by all the colourful characters she featured in her show. It was a glimpse into the ultimate America at its best and worst. Like Ricki’s guests, we’re all seeking guidance, quick solutions and simple life hacks that would make us happy and would take away the sadness. A new jacket, a new nose, a happy meal or cellulite reduction», said Netta to LGBTQ Music Chart about the inspiration for both the video and song.

As Netta noted, «Ricki Lake», the song and the person, is about being a happy individual, listening to your gut instead of society’s rules, and dancing to your own drum. Ricki Lake for me was always how the misfit became America’s sweetheart, and this song and video are my cheesy, messy and greasy homage to her».

«Ricki Lake» was added to our «Outed On Fridays!» playlist in good time for this weekend’s party. That means Netta’s new single are one of the challengers for next week’s chart.

Netta – «Ricki Lake»

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud