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Will and the Starlight – «Take Me Down»

today03/11/2020 10

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Will and the Starlight

Portsmouth based artist Will and the Starlight releases his 3rd single «Take Me Down».

Following the positive reception of debut EP «Salt on the Wind» just before lockdown, Will moves into a more synthwave pop driven direction with «Take Me Down».

A mid-tempo vibe with a cool synth hook, vintage drum machine beats and a cool homage to the rolling rhythm of ocean waves.

Will said, «The song is quite upbeat in its sound, but the lyrics are pretty sad and dark. I liked how the song isn’t obvious in its meaning when you start listening to it, but once you start to digest the lyrics you realise it’s actually about sharing and embracing ‘what will be’ and making peace with what comes our way in life. A lot of people go through dark times and don’t know how to deal with it. I remember once being totally at peace with thinking, it could end tomorrow and I felt pretty much at peace with that. I can’t explain it. Many people don’t have that clarity or learn to accept things and find a calm and personal happiness. LGBTQ people even more so in my opinion.»

«I love how synth driven pop music can articulate stories and music. Like you’re painting with a large colour palette that people can immerse themselves in when they’re listening».

Will continued: «Lockdown isn’t ideal for releasing music. But so many people are creating so many wonderful artistic projects, it’s actually great to watch people pour their hearts and soul into releasing music. Also, with so many music venues affected by the COVID19 pandemic, it’s a worrying time for musicians and the live industry. I think the freedom to therefore music the internet as a global music platform has never been more needed».

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud