Leo Segura Faces Sleep Problems During Covid-19 On «White Noise»

Leo Segura

Rising star 24 year-old Spanish singer and songwriter Leo Segura serves up a new single «White Noise» alongside a dreamy lyric video, available now on Spotify and YouTube.

«I wrote ‘White Noise’ for who’s ever experienced sleep problems during this pandemic, just like me. I believe music can be therapeutical. my anxiety increased because of COVID-19 and this song was born one night in the attempt of looking for a sound to relax myself», said Leo Segura to me.

«White Noise» written by Leo Segura, produced in the U.S (Obié); mixed and mastered in Russia and Canada (Oleg Stefanov, David Fraelic).

«White Noise» is the first single from Leo’s forthcoming «Nocturnal» EP which this track represents the Winter, serving a dreamy soundscape on a wistful and experimental musical postcard for an uneasy era.

Take a listen to «White Noise» below.

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