BeeGees Meets Bjork : Queer Love Story

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Owen Duff

«One Word» is off of his upcoming album bed, which contemplates what it means not to be heterosexual and lead a «traditional life».

A true adherent to the DIY ethos, Owen Duff creates everything related to his music, from artwork to videos, as well as playing or programming nearly all of the instruments on his songs. He began learning piano at the age of four, picking up drums, guitar and a few other instruments along the way, eventually writing songs that blend influences from folk, 60s chamber pop, electronica, film, TV scores and jazz.

His catalogue includes five EPs as well as having recorded an album of twenty songs which, rather than releasing, he hid in secret locations around the world. This was documented in the video for ‘The Race‘, which accompanied the launch of Owen’s fourth EP «Realityicide». He scored the Queerty award-nominated web series «Kissing Walls» in 2019 and in 2020 began releasing songs from an upcoming album called bed.

His upcoming album bed takes influence from Owen Duff’s past relationship with «someone who was struggling to reconcile a conservative religious upbringing with his sexuality». He further confides, «at the same time I was asking my own philosophical questions around what it means to be not be heterosexual, especially in relation to deciding not to have children. The album is broadly structured around the story of the relationship between two people from falling in love, to disillusionment and eventual acceptance». Sonically, the collection of songs feature sweeping folk soundscapes, layered vocals, and thoughtful progressions.

The prolific songwriter has further found success performing at several iconic UK venues including Bush Hall, the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Manchester’s Academy. His work has been praised by Hollywood actor Chloë Grace Moretz and legendary musician, broadcaster and activist Tom Robinson, among others. Owen’s songs have further received airplay on BBC Radio and his music has appeared in the films «Thirteen Downs», «The Falls», and it’s two sequels, which also featured music specially commissioned for the soundtrack.

«bed» is set for release in fall 2021 worldwide.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud