Warner Music Australia using Troye Sivan as a Queerbait ? !

today24/07/2021 7

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Troye Sivan

It was Youtube channel Powered By Rainbows that put us on this trail of Warner Music Australia queerbaiting !

The master of queerbaiting of the family of Warner Music are Warner Music Australia !

But didn’t they sign a record deal with openly gay Troye Sivan?  Yes!, they did, but if you look more closely what they are doing behind the scenes, you’ll find they put a lot of effort into make him «straight» for the none LGBTQ music consumers !

Warner Music Australia seems to pushing songs by Troye to radio stations, where is not obviously a song about same-sex love!  Powered By Rainbows point out Troye’s «Heaven» which is a coming out the closet a song of sorts, that has helped many LGBTQ youths coming out, the song are duets with a female singer Betty Who ! Powered By Rainbows even point out one of Troye Sivan’s other hits, like «Dance To This» were he duets with Ariana Grande who is a huge alley of the LGBTQ community! Who is brother is gay in real life, but not a member of the LGBTQ community her self!

In fact, Troye has LGBTQ members in his band and as background vocals, but the love songs which you hears on the radio or on TV performances he is force to duets female artist instead of male artist – because that would make the songs too «gay» for the none LGBTQ music consumers and to make it more «advertising friendly» and more «suitable for radio»! All this to make it appeal to a wider audience Powered By Rainbows claims!

So why haven’t we seen Troye duets a love song with a male artist ? Only queerbaiting master Warner Music Australia can answer that question !

I will point out that I’m a big fan of Troye Sivan as well, but not Warner Music Australia !

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud