Elisa Nicolas New Album «Year Of The Locust»


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Elisa Nicolas

Sophisticated singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer Elisa Nicolas follows up on her epic single «No Answers», with her deeply emotional album, «Year Of The Locust».

Reminiscent of songwriting icons like Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, and Aimee Mann, there is something magically profound about Nicolas’ ability to intelligently capture every ounce of emotion in her masterfully crafted lyricism. Her warm, honeyed vocals invigorate every track with an undeniable soulfulness that vibrantly conveys a dimension of storytelling beyond the lyrics; the passion that lays the foundation for the record is an impressive display of the artistic expertise Nicolas has honed through her years of professional experience.

«Year Of The Locust» is Nicolas’ first solo endeavour after working with various artists on over 45 notable projects over the last 12 years. Projects at the caliber of «Year Of The Locust» – impassioned anthems caressed by a soundscape painted with vibrant harmony – are instant classics by nature.

With each track, lush and composed from a foundation of sophisticated lyricism, listeners are able to peel back a different layer of this masterful songwriter’s artistic identity.

«Back In Town» introduces the album with a soulful feel embellished by the raw beauty of Americana music and the passion of a rocker. Accompanied by an electrifying delay-kissed guitar solo steeped in silky reverb, “Back In Town” will have you hooked on all 8 of these raw tracks.

«Cardinal Line» imagines the story of an Ohio Native landing at rock bottom after a failed relationship. The song explores the journey of taking the «Cardinal Line» out of NYC to seek redemption from a tumultuous season in life, back in her hometown.

The electronic instrumentation on «Go On» delivers an enticing change of pace in this project in which Nicolas casts her voice in a different light. Sitting atop smooth electric keys, in contrast to her common guitar-dominant accompaniment, Nicolas captures an endearing breeziness on this track.

The anthemic «No Answers» tells the story of longing for reciprocity in a relationship; the raw artistry that comes through on this track effortlessly immerses listeners into an epic, emotional plea for intimacy by Nicolas.

Nicolas approached this record from a multidisciplinary perspective as a songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, and engineer. The artist created this record over the course of years; she takes the time during the writing process to etch out ideas, marinate in them, and refine the ones she feels are most worth pursuing.

After recording the bones of this project and stress testing the songs at gigs, Nicolas was able to pinpoint exactly where she wanted her music to go. In collaboration with her dream production team, Nicolas articulated her recount of the human experience exactly how she had envisioned.

Main contributors are as follows: Jeffrey Ciampa (Happy Chichester, Megan Palmer, Grammy winner for production on Wayne Shorter projects) produced, mixed, and played bass and keys. Kim Rosen (Grammy winning engineer) mastered the record. Thomas Byran Eaton (Caitlin Canty, Miss Tess, Western Centuries), an imaginative guitar player and engineer, created surprising and unexpected colours throughout the course of the record, while singers Nikki Wonder, Megan Palmer, and Cathy Wicks lend epic background vocals.

Though the COVID-19 Pandemic made the circumstances for the creation of this album less than convenient, through the assistance of friends in Nashville with recording gear at their disposal, Year of the Locust came together exactly how it was intended.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud