Cris Castillo new single «Rodeo»

Cris Castillo

A child between borders, Cris Castillo was born to a French-Brazilian father and a Mexican-American mother.

Cris Castillo are raised by a long tribe of women, she grew up surrounded by ideals of feminism, cultural enrichment, and social justice.

As an artist, she offers an urban blend of dance, rap, funk, pop, and reggaeton. At the core of the music lies poetry, storytelling, and empowerment. The sound fuses rhythm based lyricism and earworm melodies. Cris presents a unique perspective as the daughter of immigrants and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community

Cris has sparked a controversial flame in the realm of queer music. Take stock, as the landscape becomes emblazoned with the spirit of Cris.

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