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«Outed On Friday!» – Week 04 – 2024

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Outed On Friday!

It’s finally the end of another long work week and you know what that means – brand new music is dropping today! So get ready for this week’s edition of «Outed On Friday!» We've got all the latest releases for you to enjoy.

5 exciting new songs are all set to take on the 50 incredible songs on the LGBTQ Music Chart starting from Monday. These songs are the challengers for next week’s chart and we can’t wait to see which ones will make it to the top! You have the power to vote for your favourites starting from Monday – head over to the voting page and let your voice be heard!

Keep in mind that voting always begins on Mondays, and the exciting LGBTQ Music Chart will now be unveiled on the LGBTQ Music Chart radio show on 107 Meridian FM every Saturday at  5PM GMT ( // 18.00 CET // 19.00 EEST // 02.00 AM Sydney Sunday // 04.00 AM Auckland  Sunday// 12.00 AM New York and Toronto). After the show airs, you can always find the complete chart published on this website. The song(s) you voted for last week will be the highlight of this week’s radio show.

(You’ll get to listen to these awesome songs on the LGBTQ Music Chart Radio show next Saturday!) If your song wasn’t included this week, did you submit it to challenge the LGBTQ Music Chart ? if not that is the reason why it was not considered!

PJ Brennan – «Strange»

PJ Brennan, a talented writer, producer, and performer, hails from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York. His journey led him to London (RCSSD) where he honed his acting skills, and for seven wonderful years, he called the UK his home. During this memorable period, he graced the screen as Doug Carter on the beloved Channel 4 soap opera «Hollyoaks». In 2016, he delighted fans with his debut single «Confidence Man», followed by the exciting release of his eponymous EP.

Devices – «Red»

Devices are the result of being left to your own devices: a mix of art rock and grandeur.

Storry – «Fairytales»

Storry is a two-time Juno-nominated Canadian singer-songwriter with an inspiring mission!

N.O.B Records – «Fond»

They create and produce music that is truly beyond compare and unlike anything else in existence. Their music is simply otherworldly and in a league of its own, setting them apart from all others in the industry.

Rhian! – «Is This The World We Created»

A gay pop singer who strongly feels that we should embrace and rejoice in our unique qualities and characteristics.

Hey there! Our playlist gets a fresh update every Friday with new and exciting music, so keep an eye out for that. Please note that the artists mentioned above may not be featured on the playlist due to this update. To stay up to date with the latest and greatest tunes, make sure to follow us on Spotify or Apple Music. We only add songs that have been released on Amazone Music, Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify to our LGBTQ Music Chart. Thanks for being a part of our community!

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud