Shire Radio Adds LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show to Their Lineup

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This show, available locally and globally, aims to celebrate diversity and inclusivity by featuring LGBTQ artists and their music.

Shire Radio Adds LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show to Their Lineup

Shire Radio, also known as Shire Media, is a registered charity and volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization based in North Lanarkshire. Their purpose is to provide a community hub, an online media hub, a local radio service, local podcasts, and locally created videos that are all about Lanarkshire. These platforms are made by the people of Lanarkshire and are intended to inform, educate, and celebrate the area’s heritage, culture, talent, diversity, and natural beauty.

As part of their commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Shire Radio is excited to announce the addition of an LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show to their lineup. Starting from this Saturday, listeners can tune in to enjoy this unique and vibrant show.

About Shire Radio

Shire Radio is proud to be the fifth radio station in the UK to syndicate the LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show. This show is not only available locally but also reaches a global audience, as it can be accessed worldwide. LGBTQ Music Chart believes that no radio station is too small or too big to share the powerful message and music of the LGBTQ community.

Shire Radio’s dedication to serving their community is evident in their various media platforms. Their online media hub acts as a central hub for all things Lanarkshire, providing a space for residents to connect, share stories, and celebrate their shared heritage. The local radio service offers a diverse range of programming, including music, news, and community-focused shows.

In addition to the radio service, Shire Radio produces local podcasts and videos created by the people of Lanarkshire. These multimedia projects showcase the talent, culture, and natural beauty of the area. By amplifying local voices and stories, Shire Radio fosters a sense of pride and unity among the residents of Lanarkshire.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity

The addition of the LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show to Shire Radio’s lineup is a testament to their commitment to diversity and inclusivity. By featuring this show, Shire Radio aims to provide a platform for LGBTQ artists and their music to be heard and celebrated.

The LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show showcases the vibrant and diverse music created by LGBTQ artists from around the world. It not only highlights popular tracks but also introduces listeners to emerging talent. The show’s global reach ensures that artists, regardless of their location, have the opportunity to share their music with a wide audience.

Shire Radio believes that music has the power to bring people together, transcend boundaries, and foster understanding. By incorporating the LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show into their lineup, Shire Radio hopes to promote acceptance, appreciation, and celebration of LGBTQ culture and talent within the Lanarkshire community and beyond.

Tune in to Shire Radio

Whether you are a resident of Lanarkshire or a listener from anywhere in the world, Shire Radio welcomes you to tune in and enjoy their diverse programming. From the newly added LGBTQ Music Chart Radio Show to their local podcasts and videos, there is something for everyone.

By supporting Shire Radio, you are not only supporting a local community organisation but also contributing to the celebration of diversity and the amplification of underrepresented voices. Join Shire Radio in their mission to inform, educate, and celebrate the heritage, culture, talent, diversity, and natural beauty of Lanarkshire.

Written by: Jungle Telegraph