Friday, June 2, 2023

New Single «A Bridge Burned Down» by Bryce Bowyn is Bloodthirsty

The latest song from Bryce Bowyn's upcoming EP «Divine Chemistry», which is due out later this year, is the adrenaline-charged «A Bridge Burned Down». Bryce Bowyn is a rising star in the dance-pop genre.

Catch up ! LGBTQ Music Chart radio show – Week 21 2023 – 107 Meridian FM

Did you miss last Saturday's LGBTQ Music Chart radio show on 107 Meridian FM? You can now catch up and listen to it on demand.

The official Pride song for West Pride 2023 is «I Adore Me» with Teeo

In Gothenburg on 26 May. presented West Pride, Teeo as the artist behind West Pride's official Pride song. With his song «I Adore Me», Teeo takes us on a journey of love and strength, while highlighting the challenges LGBTQI+ people face in today's society. The song has been written by Teeo together with the artist Mariette.

Yuzima brings New Orleans brass band magic on new single «Forever»

Gay MusicYuzima brings New Orleans brass band magic on new single «Forever»

Yuzima’s new haunting single «Forever» showcases the love he has for a city he calls a second musical home, New Orleans, in a way only Yuzima can.

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Combining brass instruments and a soulfully sung, yet eerie tune, he brings together worlds seldom united in American pop; second line brass sounds, ancestral spirits, and pop songwriting. In a shift from the noise rock of his latest record POWER, «Forever» is purely a love song in the tradition of 1950’s rock and doo-wop ala The Brill Building with the same timelessness.

Over Yuzima’s guitar and a tuba he sings of timeless love in a time of political strife. What’s more telling is that this was one of Yuzima’s first songs. «I wrote that at the beginning, always knew I would record it, then it all made sense in this political time to mention that love is forever». «Forever», who got married to his husband only weeks after Trump was elected can vouch for this personally. On a record, and in a time full of political bombs, Yuzima proves love is «Forever».

Yuzima has been called ‘noise-lord’ and ‘prince of noise’ in praise from music critics including IMPOSE magazine. Litsa Dremousis (Esquire, NPR) called Yuzimas music «powerful as hell», also receiving praise from Marky Ramone and Kevin Allred (the Beyonce professor).Yuzima’s album POWER is available now on music streaming sites.

At the moment Yuzima’s single «Black Supremacy» are climbing the LGBTQ Music Chart – vote here.

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