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Hometime’s new single makes the yuletide even gayer!

Hometime's new single «What You Wanted (For Christmas)» has just dropped and are added to LGBTQ Music Chart - Christmas playlist.

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LGBTQ Music Chart – Week 49 – 2022

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Carl Emani Out With a New Single «I Din Värld»

Gay MusicCarl Emani Out With a New Single «I Din Värld»

LGBTQ artist Carl Emani (Carl Backlund) is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

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He was adopted from Colombia and grew up in Bromma, Stockholm. In 2018 he released debut single «Porrstjärna» (Pornstar) that got 200k streams very fast. Now he is back with a brand new single «I Din Värld» (In your world) that was released on June 14, and it could not fit better since it’s the Pride month.

Carl Emani‘s music and sound are characterised by stylish productions, well thought out tunes and modern, urban pop. Some words that quickly describe the artist are charisma, humility, energy and joy.

The new single «I Din Värld» quickly sets itself on repeat in your head and it goes great to listen to in most different moods, as well at the club, as at home in the TV lounge and the single conveys a beautiful longing while giving a feeling of the will to release control and just live in the present.

Carl Emani is inspired by artists like Pink and Lil Kim and of the 90’s music’s catchy melodies.

The message in the new single describes the artist himself as; «live like you live forever,
but also live like you can die tomorrow».

The song is written by the artist himself produced by Wayne Silverback.

Carl Emani’s «I Din Värld» will be added to the LGBTQ Music Chart as a newcomer this Sunday – ( you can vote on this week’s chart here).

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