Henrik Høven’s debut EP is out in few hours

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Henrik Høven
Photo by Michael Angeles

«The EP has been a long process. Throughout almost a year of work the songs have changed along with me. They have changed meaning as I have grown and encountered new and different things».

This is what the 19 year old Henrik Høven says about the work on his upcoming debut EP, «Allstar», due to be released on November 8th. The multi-talent from the Oslo area has had a team of Scandinavian creative collaboration on his songs and recordings in Oslo and London.

The Norwegian producer duos, Kastel and Moltom and Ola Frøyen, the Swedish producer Angus ‘Lowgan’ Trujillo and the Danish Mört have all created the sound with Henrik on the EP’s five tracks.

«Allstar» contains the four singles «What Did You Do», «Weekend», «10/10», and «Backseat». On the latter single, Høven has gotten the Italian Shorelle to join, with an Italian-Spanish-English feature. «Some of the songs took a while, and some only took a couple of minutes to write», Høven says about the process to LGBTQ Music Chart.

Henrik never actually became an artist, he kind of always just was one. At nine years old he won a talent competition at school, and at 13 he came in second in a national singing competition, which led to an extensive tour. In 2013 he also landed the role of the Snake in a production of Oliver Twist at Oslo Nye, a theatre in Oslo. At 15 he began releasing his own singles after the band leader of Karpe, one of Norway’s most significant groups, mentored him. Henrik, as an actor, has also been active, most recently in the teen series «Blank», a follow up to the sensation «Skam», where he played the member of the fictional  band, «Hernandez». He recently finished high school, and is currently combining his musical career and his studies of songwriting and production at Westerdals College in Oslo.

Henrik Høven’s «What Did You Do» are currently on the LGBTQ Music Chart – you can give his tune a vote here.

Henrik Høven // «What Did You Do»

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud