Matt E new single «Get Me Off (My Phone)» outed today!

today22/11/2019 6

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Matt E

«Get Me Off (My Phone)», is NYC recording artist Matt E’s latest release co written with Ben Hey! (Laverne Cox «Beat For The God’s») and produced by Jeremiah Meece (Shae Coule «Cocky»).

This dance track is meant to make you laugh and shake your ass! But behind the punchlines and BPM’s is a more intimate topic; that feeling that hook up apps might be fun, but can also get sort of depressing.

«Get Me Off (My Phone)» isn’t saying that app life hasn’t made sex sooooo much easier to get these days, it’s just pointing out that maybe the apps have made sex a bit less exciting than the old school cruising days.

While following Matt E through the story in these lyrics, we dig through online catfishers until we get to some hot IRL action. However in the video we never actually see Matt E get off his damn phone! So what’s really going on here? Part fantasy, part reality; Get Me Off (my phone) is a fun poke at the current day #gayboyproblem «I wanna meet someone not on the apps, but I can’t get off the apps».

Stream «Get Me Off (My Phone)» on any music platform and give a listen to the lyrics to see if you agree !

Also check out Matt E’s uncensored NSFW video edit for this latest single! All links are available on Matt E’s Instagram account follow his page for updates !

«Get Me Off (My Phone)» added to this week’s edition of Spotify playlist «Outed On Friday’s!».

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud