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New Gay Music «Outed On Fridays!» – Week 50 – 2019

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Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud
Ephram St. Cloud writes about music for LGBTQ Music Chart!

It’s the end of a work week and that means, new music are released – so here is this week’s «Outed On Fridays!».

Cub Sport – «Hearts In Halves»

Cub Sport continue to be one of LGBTQ’s most distinctive voices.

Jordy  – «All Good»

A sensitive guy based in Los Angeles, creates beautiful music.

Osvaldo Supino – «No Esa No»

Osvaldo Supino is one of the most talked about Italian artists, and just one of the fews Italians more recognised outside his Country. He’s also one of the most involved Italian celebrities in human rights and LGBTQ initiatives.

Cejay – «Rollercoaster»

Singer and song writer. Making music for the underdog.

Amber Liu – «Ready For The Ride»

Amber Liu, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter.

«Outed On Fridays!»

This playlist are updated every Friday with new music – so it might not reflect the artists mention above. Follow it, so you don’t miss out on brand new music! Only songs that is released on YouTube and Spotify can be added to the LGBTQ Music Chart.

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