53 Christopher Street

Stonewall Inn Anthem for 2020

The track is a disco homage to the iconic venue - in the 21st Century.

Read Time:40 Second

It tells the true story of how Van and Chauncey met (Chauncey being the resident DJ at Stonewall)– and became overnight friends– in a very funny/camp way… But there’s a deeper side to the tale; «I was depressed by the state of the world and the fact that we’re clearly facing extinction– and so every night I go to the only disco that still gives me hope»…

Another interesting aspect of  «53 Christopher Street» is its putting the club’s household celebrities in the spotlight; «Fifi Dubois, Logan Hardcore, Phil Chanel give me some more»… Anyone who is a regular client knows these fabulous underground artists – Van felt is was time that the whole world heard about them– when he wrote the lyrics.

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