One America : Together At Home – not the world

today19/04/2020 3

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One America : Together At Home

One World: Together At Home Special to Celebrate COVID-19 Workers - but it was mostly about the U.S.

Only musician and performers well known in the U.S got to perform, so from the start you got the impression that the world was just USA. Musician and performers not known in the U.S, was not invited.

The show started last Evening and continues for several hours to the early morning hours today.

So the only reason that prime minsters from Belgium, Ireland and Norway got access to say some words, was these countries has given lot of money to the hunt for a vaccine against COVID-19.

The idea was good, but sadly as always when U.S in involved – the main focus are on them selfs – they can’t share the spotlight.

The Television show was held by Global Citizen – to show support frontline healthcare workers and the WHO.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud