Agustín Malandra’s new album «Gemini»

Agustin Malandra

The new album from the Argentinian Queer Artist, Agustín Malandra.

One year after his latest album release – the album «6AM» from 2019, Agustín now returns with a new album called «Gemini».

The new album is his most personal and activistic to date. The singles «Queer Powa» (#01 on the Gay 100 Chart, #04 on the LGBTQ Music Chart) and «Thirsty» (#09 on the Gay 100 Chart, #04 on the LGBTQ Music Chart) are found on the «Gemini» and the newest single from the album «Sol En Géminis» has been just released on YouTube and are #14 on the LGBTQ Music Chart (you vote it up here).

«Gemini» has lot of diversity – true to Agustín’s style. Indie pop gems like «Sol En Géminis» and «Lo Hiciste Otra Vez», Activist pop fierceness with «Bien Orgullosas» and the #01 single «Queer Powa», Latin Pop tunes like «Yo Se Que Te Va» and «Hoy Toca» and soul pop like «Antes de Conocernos» «Bajo Sábanas», to mention a few of Agustín Malandra songs.

Agustín Malandra – «Sol En Géminis»

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