Queer indie musicians raising money for the LGBTQ+ community

today08/06/2020 3

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Power to the Queer Kids

Created in 2019, «Power to the Queer Kids» is an annual charity compilation album to raise funds for The Trevor Project.

The project aims to provide music and inspiration to the younger generation of queer folx who may be struggling with their identities. Volume 2 was released on May 29th just in time to kick off pride month. All proceeds from the album will be donated to The Trevor Project.

This 7 track album combines the work of queer, indie artists Julia Alfrida (Stockholm), Peter Jessy (Ottawa), Little Wolfe (NYC), Kisos (NYC), Sarathi (Los Angeles), TEGA (Los Angeles), Hayley Mandel (Los Angeles), and Zach Benson (NYC). Covering the genres of pop, r&b and singer-songwriter, these artists came together to contribute cover songs that hold significance to their own queer identities.

«Power to the Queer Kids, Vol. 2» is the combined effort of 8 LGBTQ+ artists from across the globe with a collective audience of approximately 11.3k Instagram followers and approximately 116k Spotify monthly listeners.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud