Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Brian Falduto and his «Like a Wave»

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«Like a Wave» is a bounce-back tune for trying times that he decided to actually release ahead of schedule because he felt it could be a good tune for what everyone's going through.

Brian Falduto are telling me, that he is finding some of his own projects have not been immune to the delays & cancellations of this pandemic & he is grateful to have this in his pocket to offer.

Originally written about the dating scene, the lyrics can apply to any challenge area of life where you keep getting up & making a splash no matter how many times you’ve been broken down.

Waves quite literally crumble & break but then they come right back. And they’re strong when they do. Brian tell’s me, he see a lot of similar qualities in people. He add’s «I think it’s cool how we can see ourselves reflected in nature like that».

Brian Falduto, will next week release a new single called «God Loves Me Too», the official theme song for Queer Youth Of Faith Day by Beloved Arise.

Take a listen to Brian’s beautiful tune below and if you want to get to know more about him you can even check out his homepage fill with positive information.

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