Harry Taylor’s «No Longer Available»

today11/07/2020 1

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Harry Taylor

One of this weeks challengers to the chart, Harry Taylor tells us about his news tune «No Longer Available».

The Italian, NYC based artist takes note and inspiration from artists like Bleachers, the 1975 and Haim.

Harry’s passion for songwriting and storytelling started in middle school when he learned how to play the guitar and continued in L.A by studying music production.

The song is about falling in love during a hot summer with your best friend and eventually falling apart right before summer ends.

It’s the story of an emotionally unraveled summer love.

He tells me eagerly that he always write about his personal life, but he tries to make it relatable for everyone.

And Harry Taylor continues, «At that time, someone broke my heart and I had to find out through social media that he found someone new; that’s why on my song I say ‘the story is no longer available’. I literally remember looking at the screen of my phone and those words on my Instagram stories».

People can relate to it because we all use our socials to find out the little details about everyone’s life and sometimes you have to deal with the consequence of finding the truth and most of the time truth hurts.

I love the 80’s vibe «No Longer Available» gives me, surly a great pop tune and with lyrics I can relate to, I’m sure you would too, just take a listen below. If you want to add «No Longer Available» to the chart – you need to vote on it here.


Written by: Ephram St. Cloud