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Lani Renaldo

Lani Renaldo is an artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles.

Her passion and talent for songwriting began early on when she was one of six songwriters chosen to attend GRAMMY Camp at Converse Rubber Tracks in 2012. She then went on to study at USC’s Thornton School of Music, which further catapulted her musical education and career.

Lani’s latest music is written with the intention of being utterly relatable. Her upcoming EP NOHEARTBREAK2020 is an exploration of being in your 20’s. Entirely produced, written and performed by Lani herself, the EP is about accepting where you are in the moment and not being so hard on yourself. The musician reveals, «It’s for 20 somethings that are transitioning and going through a new phase in their life», The EP touches on women and sexuality, emphasising the significance of being comfortable with who you are, whatever that may be. Through unbearably honest lyrics, Lani’s goal is to show others the importance of self-acceptance and to encourage others to be themselves, be uncomfortable and be truthful.

Leading single «Love Games» is reminiscent of The Weeknd meets Banks and features a mosaic of synths, gliding atop funky melodies, confident basslines and punchy percussion. While Renaldo’s latest «Trainwreck» is pure sad chill garage rock with pop infused melodies. «Trainwreck» details Renaldo’s own issues with panic disorder and how society can often prioritise success over happiness. The release is further important to her as it «holds space in a genre that typically isn’t occupied by black artists». Renaldo further confides, «If black artists are being represented, we’re typically pushed into hip hop & R&B categories… not as much rock, indie, or alternative».

NOHEARTBREAK2020 is inspired by artists ranging from the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Hayley Williams, to Post Malone and SZA. Also pulling influence from producers including Timbaland, Pharrell and Greg Kurstin, Lani shows us an insight into her love of the 80’s, with the EP emanating big drums and distorted guitars along with a vocoder.

Lani Renaldo has seen success performing with the likes of Alessia Cara at the AMA’s and opening for Halsey at The Shrine. Her collaboration on «Malibuu» with Matt Dimona topped Spotify’s Global 50 chart and currently has over six million streams. Constantly trying to evolve and understand her emotions, Lani uses music to be the outlet in which she expresses her discoveries, concluding «Do what you love, fuck the rest. If it doesn’t serve you, cut it out. Sometimes your truth will not match someone else and that’s ok. Misery isn’t worth the money. Follow your dreams».

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud