Therapy Cat Studios

Therapy Cat Studios

This retro-yet-fresh sounding debut EP opens with the first of the album’s three collaborative ventures with European producer Golden Vibes,

«We Can Make It Better – Rap Version» which features the music-maker’s first-ever rap in this fired-up Covid-19 inspired Top40-style anthem for hope.

«Drive», the second track, is one of the first solo efforts ever penned by the recording artist as a young teenager and is a rich example of the music-maker’s creative capacity as a scratch-to-spin songwriter/producer. This sensitive Adult Contemporary cut is an Elton John and Billy Joel infused ballad inspired by the penman’s struggles as a closeted LGBTQ+ youth with what was later discovered to be High-Functioning Autistic Disorder (also known as Aspergers).

The third track, «Give It To Me» is another energetic anthem, but this time a sexy, danceable Prince-flavoured funkpop party track celebrating freedom of expression and sexual diversity.

Mixed in a style akin to John Lennon’s «Imagine», the fourth track is a more tender, stripped-down acoustic revisiting of «Drive» – an homage to how the song was originally written; simple piano and vocal.

The fifth and final cut is a shortened radio edit of «We Can Make It Better» for those markets where it may apply.

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