Bentley Robles

Bentley Robles Rides an Adrenaline High on «Cardiac»

New York City based singer-songwriter Bentley Robles looks to throw caution to the wind on his new single «Cardiac».

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The cosmic-electro pop anthem captures the energy of letting go of your inhibitions and falling in love with the moment.

«Cardiac» speaks to one’s desire for that one solid night out. A night that makes somebody forget about all the pressures of being an adult in this day and age. Lyrics like «might catch the subway to the moon and take an uber right back» speak to Bentley Robles’ desire for the single to have a fanciful and otherworldly point of view that made the listener feel set free.

Completely created during quarantine and via Facetime and calls, Cardiac was produced by fellow NYC musician Matty Marz, written and performed by Bentley Robles, and mixed / mastered by Ryan Schumer.

Take a listen to «Cardiac» below.

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