Agustín Malandra’s «Algo Pa’ Recordar»


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Agustin Malandra

The new greatest hits album and documentary with new songs from the Argentinian Queer Artist. Dropping on 28th Oct and 1st Nov.

After 4 albums of demos and 3 studio albums, Agustin decided to drop a Greatest Hits Album with some of his best songs, re-recorded and re-mastered plus new songs. During this time he also wanted to do another move and make a documentary about how was it recorded and what happened in his personal life during quarantine.

The album features a new version of «Gemini» hit «Hoy Toca» in a Radio Remix version that has been chosen as the transition single between «Gemini» and «Algo Pa’ Recordar».

«Algo Pa’ Recordar» also features new songs like «Shattered Heart», «Drunk n High», «Ser De Luz» and the first official single from the album «Love Is Not in the Air», the official music video will be available on YouTube. The music video will include footage from the Documentary «Algo Pa Recordar: El Documental». The music video will premiere on YouTube 1st Nov.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud