Kyle Motsinger shows the dark version of our world


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Kyle Motsinger

The New York-based scruffy ginger singer and songwriter Kyle Motsinger is releasing his fifth single «The Upside Down» from the latest album «Any Way I Want It To».

«The Upside Down» is a dark version of our world in front of one of the most important elections in the United States and the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Kyle, who was impacted and left unemployed at the beginning of the pandemic, reflects and compares the current world scenario with the Upside Down dimension from the Netflix TV series «Stranger Things».

«The entire word is feeling the weight of the coronavirus. I shot and edited the video myself and feel very proud of the way it turned out though. I think it proves that you can make magic happen if you have a little creativity and some coloured lights!», said Kyle Motsinger to LGBTQ Music Chart.

«The Upside Down» is part of Kyle’s sophomore album «Any Way I Want It To» released this year. The album inspired by, written, and recorded in quarantine, acknowledges current topics and scenarios such as loving thy neighbour, roads not taken, body positivity, introversion, gender expression, politics, and the ongoing global pandemic.

For more information access or on social media @kylemotsinger. «Any Way I Want It To» is also available on digital streaming platforms.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud