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MKSM – «Back Home»

today01/12/2020 12

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An emotional glimpse into yesterday, between contemplation and a gentle optimism.

Nostalgia is an odd feeling. On the one hand it can mean an escape from the present and transfigure some things, but on the other hand it can also be the foundation of valuable memories – memories of one’s own past, family, and being together during special times like Christmas. In his new single «Back Home», MKSM dedicates himself to these memories and meets them with both emotional and honest vocals, condensed using organic vocoder and guitar, accompanied by gentle piano chords. It’s a minimalist song between hope and melancholy, which, with reduced resources, develops a contemplative but at the same time warm Christmas mood – rarely does this balancing act succeed so delicately. In the harmonies that come flowing in an echo of the past can be heard – feelings towards home and the long personal journey that lies behind you. But also the empowering certainty that the view is finally unobstructed and a self-determined life with all its surprises now forms the broad horizon far from past uncertainties.

In the music video for the song, the two selves of a young man meet, in this case played by LGBTQ Youtuber Tommy Toalingling with whom Maksim shot the video. Tommy has been inspiring people for years with his humorous yet sensitive videos about homosexuality, coming out, and hate-speech – and how people can deal confidently with all of this. The video for «Back Home» makes this thematic sensitivity tangible throughout. In lifelike images, the past self from the old homeland has just turned 15 and is reconciled at a family reunion with a new, changed self that has found its way and is now leading a new life.

Tolerance for other perspectives and mindful togetherness are universal core messages of the song but also fit perfectly into the festive Christmas season. After all, it is the ability to empathise, that deep humanity that unites us over and over again especially these days.

«Back Home» reminds you of what really matters: accepting our fellow human beings exactly as they are – and thus ourselves. The single will be released as a bundle with MKSM‘s Christmas song «Chosen Family» from 2019!

MKSM sees himself as a voice for all people who do not feel they belong. The singer, songwriter, and violinist himself has many identities within him: As an openly gay late resettler, he came to Germany to find his language – he stuttered heavily in the past – and to study classical violin to then become a pop musician in the end. This is precisely why MKSM as a songwriter repeatedly deals with topics such as acceptance, equality, love, and the search for yourself.

In 2019, the young artist won the British LGBTQ Music Award as «Newcomer of the Year» and his pride hymn «Original Self – Enough is Enough» was recognised as «Song of the Year», this song supported Germany’s largest LGBTQ organisation. This year he was one of the very few European music acts to perform this song on the European Highlights Stage at the virtual «Global Pride 2020» in front of more than 10 million viewers. The GLOBAL PRIDE was supported by queer icons such as Elton John, Adam Lambert and Conchita Wurst.

MKSM’s «Back Home» are one of the challengers this week, so if you want it in the chart – you’ll need to vote here.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud