Sunday, December 10, 2023


MKSM «Breaking my rules»

MKSM, one of the most frequently booked German Pride performers, is presently doing his largest Pride tour.

«I’m Loving MySelf», essential to survive for queer people

With support from the German Pride Association (CSD Deutschland e.V.), MKSM is releasing the first track from his third EP just in time for Pride Season 2023.

MKSM and Jaako, the duo behind the smash hit «2021», are back with «Check my phone»!

My prayers have been answered! MKSM and Jaako have once again collaborated to create beautiful music, and they do not disappoint!

LGBTQ Music Awards 2021 – who is the winner ?

Who is the winner of the LGBTQ Music Awards 2021 ? are you excited to know who the winner is ?

Watch out for MKSM’s new single this Friday

MSKM releases the next precursor of the new EP «Feelings Of A Misfit» (release:date 28/10/22) on on 09/09/22.

MKSM has released a new single, «Tracks in minor»

Intoxicating up-tempo sound, the typical UK garage beat, melodies carried by his violin, and lyrics that go straight to the heart.

MKSM will headlining Cheltenham Pride now in May

MKSM is on his way to conquerer UK Pride scene, and he starting with Cheltenham Pride.

MKSM new single «Shared Room» out tomorrow !

MKSM stands for Maksim – name of the charismatic singer, songwriter, violinist, and LGBTIQ+ activist. As an openly gay repatriate, he has lived in Russia, in the Ukraine, in Frankfurt and in London, and lives at present in Berlin.

MKSM and his new single «Hold Me Down»

Looking at queer pop from different angles? Given the musical diversity the LGBTIQ+ community expresses on stages all around the world, it’s not a small claim.

MKSM – «Back Home»

An emotional glimpse into yesterday, between contemplation and a gentle optimism.

MKSM gets personal in his new single «Collide»

An autumn day submerged in a sound full of warmth and security MKSM's new single «Collide».

MKSM – «Know Your Love» (Orchestral version)

One last drink against the upcoming disappointment: «Know Your Love» describes one of many online dates that’s exclusively meant to serve as a desperate attempt to numb the throbbing loneliness - but this time the strange suddenly feels familiar …

MKSM – «Be Alright» (premieres now)

Like a fresh summer breeze: Energetic 70s disco strings and 80s bass lines combined in a queer-pop dance anthem to all the teenage minds.

MKSM – «Sirens»

MKSM - dramatic strings combined with urban beats, thriving bass lines and aunique voice.

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