MKSM «Breaking my rules»

today13/07/2023 9

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MKSM, one of the most frequently booked German Pride performers, is presently doing his largest Pride tour.

The third EP of the gay singer and activist, MKSM, who was born in Russia, raised in Ukraine, lived in Germany for a while, and also spent some time in London, is now available.

Major LGBTQ magazines in Germany named «Loving Myself»  the «Pride anthem of the year». «Breaking my rules» is its assured successor.

The song is edgy, clubby, and a little bit gloomy and is influenced by dancehall and hyperpop. He discusses the mental process that many of us are familiar with surrounding a one-night encounter in the sex-positive pop song. Do I uphold my ideals or am I compromising them? What does this mean and why am I terrified of it? Do I allow intimacy later, or is a one-night stand inevitable failure? The singer sings about the «boy» he’ll probably never see again while also describing his inner anguish in delicate yet assured voice.

Written by: News Room