Friday, September 22, 2023

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Bryce Bowyn and Lexie Martin’s «Town» sets the dance floor on fire.

Turn on the smoke machine and get ready for the release of «Town», Bryce Bowyn and Lexie Martin's latest track.

Denmark’s First Queer Rapper Makes a Statement Against Patriarchy

With their video «Resurrection» , non-binary artist Elijah Kashmir offers a unique perspective on growing up in a homophobic and patriarchal milieu.

Ceréna – «Limitless»

Ceréna, the experimental dance-pop sensation, has returned with a stunning new release that pushes the genre to exhilarating new heights.

The Americana Ballad «Thief» Prepares Us For Emily Nicole Green’s Debut EP

«Thief» was released in advance of Green's next EP, «Outrunning The Animal», which is set to be released on vinyl and streaming on October 30th.

Møna Challenges Storybook Stereotypes In «Fairy Tale»

Møna takes a fresh approach to music, with bone-vibrating bass lines, alien synth soundscapes, and an assortment of non-musical components that leave listeners wanting more.

Drag Queen Country Singer Amiss Tori’s «Time Machine»

Amiss Tori's new track «Time Machine» is a country-pop/folk mid-tempo ballad about a small-town country girl who longs to escape her life in rural Missouri to the dazzling lights of the big city.

Magnus Riise – «Earthquake»

Magnus Riise, an independent artist, joyfully announces the premiere of his new music video «Earthquake», which stars Barrett Foa and was directed and choreographed by Monika Felice Smith (Bella Poarch's «Build A B*tch», Doja Cat's «Attention»).

Osvaldo Supino – «It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane»

Osvaldo Supino has returned. Without warning, yet with a big catch. In these hours, the most popular and acclaimed independent Italian musician in the world has launched a new single and video.

Out Artist John Duff Releases Straight-Baiting Single and Video

Out musician John Duff turns the tables on gay baiting music artists like Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, and Nick Jonas in «Somebody's Daughter», his crooning ballad about unreachable and fleeting sexual connections.

LGBTQ+: Opera characters need to be more diversely portrayed

According to a Welsh opera singer, the genre needs greater LGBTQ+ representation if it is to survive.

TikToker is criticised by Zara Larsson for Joking About Her Being Homophobic

TikToker said that the Swedish singer had referred to him in a homophobic manner at an earlier performance.

Jack Hawitt «Easy»

Have you ever had the impression that your ex doesn't see you or that you never really mattered? Or are you currently in the post-breakup period when you have stopped all communication but are now trying to run into that person wherever you go? If you've ever had a similar experience, Jack Hawitt has the perfect music for you.

From TikTok Sensation To Rising Artist !

With the release of his debut single, «I Ate», Edo Lio, a dynamic content producer based in Singapore with over 132,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram, enters a new creative space.

PJ Taylor and his new album «Escapism» is out now !

Two captivating singles from renowned singer-songwriter PJ Taylor are about to be released, and they're sure to enthral music fans everywhere.

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